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Vision and Mission


‘Conserve honeybee species, Learn about the species & traditional bee farming in Indonesia, Share information & Empower bee farmers to produce natural products & preserve the environment’.

Plan Bee Indonesia is a socialpreneur initiative committed to conserving honeybee species by supporting traditional bee farming methods used by farmers in Indonesia.

Our vision is to enhance the development of marketable bee products and trade opportunities that support bee farmers in Indonesia. Our mission is to support sustainable beekeeping methods and products with a view to preserving honeybee species and to consider threats to the habitat area risk of causing a decline in bee populations.

We offer support to beekeepers, honey collectors, and farmers working with bees across the archipelago so they can continue using traditional methods and grow their beekeeping activities in sustainable, economical ways that will help benefit families and farming communities in Indonesia.

It’s been seen that ‘real’ long term sustainability comes from supporting local stakeholders and local knowledge so they can achieve real, tangible economic and social benefits from their effort.