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Bee Farmers

Bee Farmers in Indonesia

Bees and Beekeeping in Indonesia is fascinating due to the variety of bee species occurring naturally across the archipelago and the history people have with honey and the methods of harvesting it.

Plan Bee Indonesia is a socialpreneur initiative committed to conserving honeybee species by supporting traditional bee farming methods used by farmers in Indonesia.

The use of traditional farming methods is more likely to preserve species and the environment because the techniques respect indigenous methods and nature. We learn about these techniques from the bee farmers and help them reach new markets with their natural bee products.

Traditional bee farming in Indonesia involves hunting for honey from both wild honey bees and stingless bees. Recently beekeepers have begun to use modern hive boxes however traditional beekeeping methods are still in use with local honeybees. Local bee farmers in Indonesia are usually located in remote areas and work as a group, often helping with knowledge about colony healthy and honey.

Our goal is to continue learning about bee species and bee farming in Indonesia and add value to bee products from the natural environment.